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Children’s Services

We offer regular treatment at the level of intensity required to best treat your child’s difficulty.

We provide continuity of therapist where possible, so that your child can form a bond with the therapist.

We provide individual sessions for the most part but if your child requires a group or paired approach, we will endeavour to provide this service.

Therapy and assessment are conducted in a child friendly and family centered manner with every aim to provide the optimal conditions and resources to help your child succeed.

School Services

We provide assessments and reports to support applications for Resource Teaching time and Learning Support in school.

We visit schools for Individual Education Plans (IEP) meetings and case conferences with teachers.

We train teachers and special needs assistants on methods of implementing Speech and Language Programmes.

We will create school therapy programmes for children where required for teachers to implement.

We will provide speech and language assessment/therapy sessions to a child in the school setting where necessary.

We can be contracted by schools to work regularly, i.e. 1/2 day/week as part of a general in-school service.

Voice Treatment

Voice users are assessed and treated for all disorders of voice, including those who use their voice for performing/singing. Refer to Voice in Disorders section.

Home Programmes

We train parents and tutors who work with children in the home to implement Speech and Language goals.

We devise home pro grammes for all children and adults that are easy to follow and cater for individual needs.

We update and check progress on any home based programmes regularly.

If a child is undergoing a home tuition programme eg. ABA or home tutoring, we are happy to link in with all involved to give appropriate speech and language input.

Collaborative Therapy

We believe that adopting a collaborative approach with parents, teachers and other professionals involved with you/your child provides a coordinated and more effective method of treating speech and language disorders.

We are happy to train any other professional working with you/your child to implement goals of therapy, as appropriate.

SNAs, resource teachers and other school staff are more than welcome to attend therapy sessions in the clinic.

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