Our Staff

Our therapists at the SpeechClinic are all fully qualified and trained to the highest professional standards. We are members of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists. We are all members of CORU, statutory registration for health professionals in Ireland.

Deirdre Kiernan

Owner and Head Clinician

Deirdre Kiernan is a graduate of Trinity College. She is the owner and founder of the SpeechClinic which she established in 1992. Previously, she worked in the HSE as the manager of the Speech and Language Therapy Services in Limerick. Over many years she has gained extensive experience in the treatment of a wide variety of communication disorders.

Deirdre is a specialist in the treatment of Voice Disorders and Upper Airway Disorders (breathing difficulties, chronic cough, paradoxical vocal cord dysfunction).

She works with professional voice users, including teachers, actors and singers. Deirdre has post-graduate training in Laryngeal Massage Therapy, Voice Craft, Resonant Voice Therapy and Estill Voice Training for professional singers/performers. She is the lecturer on Voice Disorders at the University of Limerick (Masters in Speech and Language Therapy).

Deirdre has a special interest in fluency disorders (stammering). She is trained in the Lidcombe Programme for young children who stammer, Fun with Fluency for children of all ages who stammer and Personal Construct Therapy for adults who stammer.

She also specialises in the treatment of Dyslexia and is trained in the Wordsworth Literacy Programme. She has extensive post graduate training in reading disorders, the most recent being The Pattan 2020 Literacy Symposium. She is an advocate for the use of proven, scientific treatments for reading disorders.

Deirdre is a registered member of CORU and a member of Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT).

Jennifer Kiely

Speech and Language Therapist

Jennifer graduated with a Masters in Speech and Language Therapy from the University of Limerick.
She previously earned a B.A. in Applied Languages.

Jennifer has experience working as a Family Support Worker with Enable Ireland, providing respite and support to clients and their families.

Through this, Jennifer has experience working with children and young adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Down Syndrome.

As part of her MSc, Jennifer gained clinical experience working with pre-school and school age children with a range of speech, language and communication needs as well as some experience working with adults with dysphagia and other communication difficulties. Jennifer has experience working as part of multi-disciplinary teams in early intervention and school-age services.

Further experience includes working with children and adults with varying diagnoses and needs such as Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), dyslexia and speech and language disorders. She is a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist, who believes therapy should be individualised, fun, motivating and functional and should achieve the best possible outcome for clients and their families.

Jennifer is dysphagia trained, a current member of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT) and is registered with CORU (Government Health Regulatory Body
regulating SLTs working in Ireland). Jennifer is also trained in Lámh Module 1.

Elizabeth Quinn

Speech and Language Therapist

Elizabeth graduated with a Masters in Speech and Language Therapy from the University of Limerick.
She previously earned a B.A. in Nursing (General).

As part of the MSc programme, Elizabeth gained a wide range of clinical experience working with pre-school and school age children, children with complex needs and adults with dysphagia, dysarthria, aphasia and other communication difficulties in residential, school, community and rehabilitation settings.

She has further experience working with children with developmental language disorder (DLD), autism (ASD), intellectual disabilities and motor speech disorders.

Elizabeth is dysphagia qualified and is trained in the care of tracheostomy for both adults and children, and has also completed module one of Lámh training.

She is a current member of Irish Association for Speech and Language Therapists (I.A.S.L.T.) and has a B.A. in general nursing, having practiced nursing in the acute setting for four years prior to her MSc.

Elizabeth continues to develop her professional knowledge and skills by keeping up to date with research and participating in ongoing training and education.

Laura Foley

Practice Secretary

Laura has worked in SpeechClinic for several years and is the friendly voice you
will hear on the phone. Laura is an expert administrator and ensures the
smooth running of the practice.

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