Speechclinic is a private speech and language therapy practice. We have been providing therapy services for nearly 30 years
As a team of speech and language therapists we aim to provide a comprehensive assessment and therapy service, delivered by highly experienced therapists.
We provide speech and language therapy to adults and children of all ages. We aim to help each individual reach their potential in a warm welcoming environment.
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Our clinic is located in Castletroy, Limerick . We also see clients from Tipperary, Kerry, Cork, Laois, Mayo, Kildare, Dublin and Roscommon.

Our Services

SpeechClinic provides assessment, treatment and prevention services for infants, children and adults. Our intervention strategies are evidence based and in line with best clinical practice. 

There are many reasons for a communication disorder, so each individual will be given a service tailored to meet their individual needs. Therapy is conducted in a welcoming, friendly environment.

We aim to provide the optimal conditions and resources to help you or your child achieve success.
These services can be provided either in clinic or via teletherapy.

We believe in adopting a collaborative approach with parents, teachers and other professionals involved with you/your child, to provide a coordinated and effective method of treatment.

Our aim is to make therapy fun for children and practical for adults.

Adult and Children services:

  • Speech/Language Therapy Assessment
  • Therapy for Speech/Language Disorders
  • Fluency Therapy
  • Accent Modification
  • Voice Therapy/Upper-Airway Disorders
  • Reading Assessment and Treatment
  • Crèche/School Visits
  • Home/School Programmes
  • Training/Workshops
  • Medico-Legal Assessment and Reports
  • Teletherapy

What our clients say about us...

'Working with Deirdre has been life-changing for me. As a fellow healthcare professional, I use my voice very heavily at work and its an important tool for me. Deirdre helped me overcome a long-standing and ongoing difficulty regarding constriction in my vocal cords, which had been causing me throat pain, fatigue and significant hoarseness every day. Deirdre made me feel very validated and helped me identify the issues and the work on them in a way that does not impact negatively on my life. It has honestly improved my quality of life so much'

"I've been taking my son to  Speech and Language Clinic since he was little and I can't say enough good things about our therapist Elizabeth. She is very attentive, full of energy, positive and supportive"

"We are so appreciative of Jennifer's one-on-one guidance. Our son attends weekly and is learning to communicate and really improving in every way. Jennifer's attitude is so encouraging - a tremendous support for my son and me!"

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